TCS 2015 off campus all india exam held on 20th February questions

TCS 2015 off campus all india exam held on 20th February questions

1)A number in integer base n when written in base n-1 becomes 1030n-1 .The same number when   written in base n+1 becomes 444n+1.The original number written in base 10 is      
a)436                                b)364                      c)463                       d)634
Solution:   According to Number System
Ans: 364

2) In a test containing 16 questions, contestants get a base score of 20 points for taking the test. 5 points for each correctly answered question and 2 points for each unanswered question. An incorrectly answered question is worth 0 points. Of the following scores which one is not attainable?             
a) 96                                 b) 97                       c) 94                        d) 95
Ans: 96

3)A certain sum of money is sufficient to pay either George wages for 15 days or Mark wages for 10 days .For how long will it be sufficient if both George and Mark work together ?
a)5                                    b)6                          c)9                           d)8
Solution: Let’s day x is the amount
So George can get x amount 15 days or Mark get for 10 days
That means George’s one day wage = x/15
Similarly Mark one day wage = x/10
Number of days = x/ (x/10+x/15) = 6 days

4)A vendor of electronic gadgets priced his gadgets at Rs.146 per gadget but there were no buyers at all. There after he reduced the price of the gadgets (reprising it again to a whole number of rupees) and managed to sell all of them realizing RS.30960.Which of the following was a possible number of gadgets he had
a) 217                               b)43                        c)215                       d)195
Ans: 215

5)Sum of the two numbers is 45.The sum of their quotient and its reciprocal is 2.05.The product of numbers is
a)450                                b)205                      c)400                       d)500

6)Find the number of divisors of 1728 (including 1 and 1728)
a)28                                  b)20                        c)30                         d)18
Solution:  Use prime factorization method to find out factors.
1728 =   26 * 33
So factors are  = (6+1)(3+1)

7)In 4 years Raj father will be twice raj age then , where as two years ago his mother was twice his age . If Raj is going to be 32 years old eight years from now then what is the sum of his parents age now.
a)96                                  b)100                      c)102                       d)98

Ans: 98

  8)A number when divided by 406 leaves a remainder 115.What remainder would be obtained by dividing the same number by 29 ?

a)27                                  b)7                          c)28                         d)19
Solution: 28

9) Value of scooter depreciates 4/5th at end of each year. Initial value of scooter is 70000.End value after 3 years is
10)The savings of an employee equals income minus expenditure .If the incomes of A,B,C are in the ratio is 1:2:3 and their expenses ratio is 3:2:1 then what is the order of the employees A,B,C in increase order of the size of their savings

11) Raj divided 50 into two parts such that the sum of their reciprocal is 1/12 ,we get the parts as
Ans: 30,20

12)A train travelling at a constant rate of 80 KMPH enters a tunnel 7 KM long at precisely 5;12 AM .At 5:18 AM the end of the train exits the tunnel .The length of the train in KM is
a) 1.5                                b)1.2                       c)2                           d)1
Ans: 1km

13)Consider set of 4 digits numbers all of whose digits are distinct (The number cant start with 0 but may have 0 among other digits) .For example the set will contain 1492 & 1234 but not 1231.If we list all the numbers in the ascending order how many number will come before 1239?
a) 71                                 b)70                        c)69                         d)68
Ans: 70

14) 5 distinguishable coins each with probability of head 3/5 are tossed once .What is the probability of seeing exactly 2 tails
a)(20/9)*(3/4)4                b)NONE                 c)20*(3/4)4                  d)(40/9)*(3/5)5
ANs: d)(40/9)*(3/5)5

15)Sum of 2nd and 19th elements of an arithmetic progression is equal to 8,12,15 element of progression .Then which element f the series should necessarily be equal to zero
a)21                                  b)18                        c)13                         d)14
16) (P/Q) – (Q/P) =21/10  ;       (4P/Q) + (4Q/P) =?
a)58/10                             b)113/10                 c)59/5                      d)121/110
17)Two poles of height 6M &11M stand vertically upright on a plain ground .If the distance between their feet is 12M .Find distance between their tops
a)11M                              b)12M                     c)13M                     d)14M

Ans: 13
18)In the island of punycity license plates for cars consists of 3 letters. 2 license plates are considered if and only if they contain the same 3 letters in the same order .How many punycity license plates are possible if the letter Q cannot occur as the last character and can only occur when the letter immediately after it is U ?
a)17575                            b)15625                  c)15675                   d)17650
19)The positive integers 1,2,3,… are arranged in azig-zag patters as shown. In which row will 1790 appear?
A 1                           9
B    2                  8        10   
C      3             7               11
D        4       6                     12
E            5                             13
a)D                                   b)E                          c)C                          d)A
20)36 students took a final exam on which the passing score was 70.The mean score of those who passed was 78,the mean score of those failed was 60 and mean of all scores was 71.How many students didn’t pass the exam
a)10                                  b)16                        c)12                         d)14
21)We are given the following sequence
PROBLEMSOLVINGPROBLEMSOLVINGPRO……. If the pattern continues ,what letter will be in the 2015th position
a)G                                   b)N                         c)B                          d)O
22)If the figure shows a 4 by 4 grid of points .Each point is one unit from its nearest horizontal and vertical neighbor. Using pairs of these points as end points,what is the greatest number of segments that can be drawn so that number 2 segments are of same length
     .    .    .    .
     .    .    .    .  
     .    .    .    .
a)8                                    b)12                        c)6                           d)9

This is folded to form a cube.What is the product of numbers on four faces adjacent to one labeled with 1

Ans: 2*3*4*6= 144