TCS 2015 off campus all india exam held on 20th February questions-2

TCS 2015 off campus all india exam held on 20th February questions-2


1.      Of 6000 apples harvested every third apple was too small,evey 4rth apple was too green and every tenth apple was bruised.the remaining apples were many perfect apples were harvested. A)2100 b)2800 c)1900 d)2600
2.      How many words of 11letters could be Formed with all the vowels present only in the even places ,and the consonants only in the odd places,using letters of english alphabet each letter may appear only once.the vowels are A E I O U and consonants are remaining letters of the alphabet .in the answers n! denotes n factorial            a)21!   B)26!/5!          C) 21! /(5! * 5! )                  d)21!* 5!/5!
3.      Two cars starts from a & b and travel towards each other at speeds 0f 59 kmph and 60 kmph respectively at the time of their meeting the second car has travelled 120km more than the first the distance between a  & b in kms is       a)720 b)1230 c)1320  d) 600
4.      The quality of bricks produced in a brick kiln depends on the maintenance of temperature in the kiln .the average temperature of a brick kiln on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was 476 degrees Celsius the average temperature of the kiln on Wednesday Thursday and Friday was 532 degrees Celsius if the average temperature of kiln on Friday 381 degrees .find the temperature in degrees Celsius on Tuesday. A) 213 b) 666 c) 504 d) none
5.      If (3a+6b)/(5a+12b) =(12/23) determine the value of (3a2 +5b)/(abs)           a)9 b)19/2 c)32/3 d)31/3
6.      If 3<=P<=10   and 12<= Q<=21  WHAT IS THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN THE LARGEST AND SMALLEST POSSIBLE VALUES OF P/Q?  a)5/6 b)29/42   c)1/7     d)none
7.      Babla alone can do a piece of work in 10 days ashu alone can do it in 15 days. The total wages for the work in Rs.5000 .how much should babla be paid of they work together for entire duration of the work a)4000 b)3000 c)5000 d)2000
8.      Suppose that the function f is defined on natural numbers (integers>0) such that f(1)=1 &f(x+y)=f(x)+f(y)+3xy+3  for all x,y.whart is the value of f(5)+f(7)?  A)140 b)215 c)135 d)129
9.      A series of books was published at ten years intervals. When the 10thbook was issued the sum of the publication year was 19,560.when was the first book published a)1911 b)1910 c)1914 d)1909
10.  Jake and paul start together to walk 10kms jake walks 1.5kmph faster than paul and arrives at his destination 1.5 hours earlier than paul jakes speed walking is  a)6kmph b)2kmph c)4 kmph d)8 kmph
11.  The sum of two numbers is 2016 and their product is 32 the sum of their reciprocals is   ans:63
12.  Raj travels a part of his journey by taxi paying Rs15 per km and the rest by train paying Rs21 per km  if he travels total 450km and pays Rs8130 the distance travelled by rail is  a)180km b)260km c)190 d)230
13.  F(x)=ax+b where a and b are real numbers if f(f(f(x)))=8x+21 what is the value of a+b? a)2 b)4 c)5 d)3
14.  Consider the set of integers 1000,1001,1002,……………………………………..9998,9999 how many integers in this set donot contain the digit 7? A)5832 b)2888 c)1444 d)6746
15.  A 2 inch cube(2*2*2) of silver weighs 1.5 kilos and is worth much is a three inch cube of silver worth  a)18750 b)33750  c)22500 d)28000
16.  The difference between 6 times and 11 times of any integer is 95.what is the number ?a)23 b)22 c)24 d)19
17.  Two workers one young one old live together and work at same office it takes 20 minutes for the young to walk to office ald men takes 30 minutes for the same distance when will the young may catch up with old man if the old man starts at 10:05 am?  A)10:10 b)10:15 c)10:25  d)10:20
18.  On the calenders page shown a 3*3 block of numbers has a sum of 198. What is the smallest number in the block        in april month
           a)14 b)10 c)9 d)13
19.we know that the vertices of quadrilateral A,B,C,D are 2,5,6,3 cms respectively from a point p what is the largest possible area in sq.cms of ABCD a)16 b)48 c)32 d)24
20. Rs.7791 is divided among shills=a ,beena and chris in such a way that if Rs.34 Rs.32 and Rs.29 be deduced from their respective shares they are left with money in the ratio 8:6:12 find shilas share in rupees a)2402 b)1798 c)1808 d)2397
21. arun makes a popular a brand of icecream in a rectangular shapeds bar 6cm long,5cm wide and 2cm thick to cut costs the company has decided to reduce the volume of the bar by 19% the thickness will remain the same but the length and width will be reduced by same percentage the new width will be a)7.5 b)6.5 c)4.5 d)5.5
22. in a single throw with two dice find the probability that their sum is a multiple either of 3 or 4 a)1/3 b)5/9 c)17/36 d)1/2
23.the average temperature of june july and august was 31 degrees the average temperature of july august and september was 28 degrees if the temperature of june was 30 degrees find the temperature of september in degrees a)22 b) 19 c)20 d)21
24. jake can dig a well in 16 days paul can dig the same well in 24 days.jake,paul and hari together dig the well in 8 days. Hari alone can dig the well in a)48 days b)24 days c)96 days d)32 days copying a problem involving multiplication of two numbers as 76 instead of 67.his

answer was 288 larger than it should have been the correct answer to the multiplication problem is a)2144 b)5396 c)2278 d)5548

26.of a set of 30 numbers average of first 10 numbers =average of last 20 numbers then the sum of the last 20 numbers is? a)sum of first ten numbers b)2* sum of first ten numbers c)cannot be determined d)4* sum of last ten numbers
   27.construct the number 101102103104………………………149250 obtained by writing the          numbers 101,102,……………..149,150 together what is the remainder when this number is divided by 9      a)0 b)8 c)2 d)3

28.five circles are drawn on a piece of paper and connected as shown each circle must be coloured red,blue and green two circles connected by a straight line may not be the same colour how many different ways are there to color the circles a)48 b)24 c)36 d)64



29.the number 232 -1 has several divisors greater than 1 and less than 100.the sum of these divisors is           clue:22n+1 is a prime for n=1,2,3,4                               a)172 b)125 c)91 d)176
30.starting with number 3,repeat 30 times the operation of doubling and substracting then you get a)231+1 b)3*231  c)231-1 d)3*230
31.a mother her little daughter and her just born infant boy together stood on a weighing machine which shows much does the daughter weigh if the mother weighs 46kg more than the combined weight of daughter and the infant and the infant weighs 60% less than the daughter a)9 b)11 c)cannot be determined d)10
32.a chessboard of size 10*10 using alternative black and white squares is displayed on a computer screen one can reverse the color in a selected rectangular subarray of the squares by pressing ctrl+R find the minimum number of times one needs to press ctrl+R to make all the square the same color,either all black or all white                                                                                                                      clue:how many times one must press ctrl+R to convert the chessboard into alternate black and white strips                                                                                       a)10 b)20 c)9 d)50
33.the number 64 is divisible by its units digit (4).how many whole number less than 64 are divisible by these respective units digit  a)26 b)32 c)44 d)23
34.Rs19266 is distributed among a b c such that a gets 4/45 of what b and c get together and c gets 7/12 of what a and b gets together. Find c share                       a)7098 b)6084 c)4056 d)8112
35.given the digits 1,3,6,9 find the probability that a 3 digit number formed by using them with no digit repeated is divisible by 4 a)1/12 b)1/4 c)1/6 d)none
36.a student rolls two 6 sided red die and one 6 sided blue die what is the probability that number shown on the blue die exceeds both the number on the red die    a)1/6 b)5/36  c)55/216  d)1/2
37.y can do a work in 2/3 the time it takes x, z can do same work in ¾ time it takes y. when all three are typing the same time what is the fraction of total work does y do     a)4/13  b)8/29  c)1/3  d)9/23
38.the tcs office at siruseri is at a distance of 21km from baburaj’s home.when he leaves home 10 minutes late his travel time increases by 40% if leaving late decreases his average speed by 12kmph how long does his commute take when he leaves on time a)1 hour b)21minutes c)30 minutes d)40 minutes
39.i just finished three marbles games and have twenty one marbles. In the first game ,I lost half my marbles. In the second game I won eleven times what I had at the end of first game. In the third game ,I won 9 marbles. How many marbles did I have when I started playing        a)8 b)6 c)2 d)4 a certain tournament certain rules are followed: any player is eliminated the moment he losses for the third time (irrespective of how many wins he has), any player can play another player any number of times. If 512 contestants enter the tournament what is the largest number of games that could be played?          A)1535 b)1533 c)1536  d)1534
41.a school bus has 15 rows with two benches each ;each bench seats three. Sara  prefers to sit directly next to megan . Tomas  prefers to sit next to sara ,possibly across the aisle from her megan has no preference no child sits in the same seat twice if the children ride the bus to school and back every day which is the trip they need to break the preference for the first time?      A)the trip to home on 22nd day.                    B) the trip to school on 23rdday.   C) the trip to home on 23rdday.          D) the trip to school on 24nrthdday.