elitmus assessment(exam) test pattern

Elitmus’s PH test is also one of the hiring criterias used by leading corporate giants in various fields like IT security, IT product, software services and R&D. PH test is an aptitude test. It is a pen and paper test and not online.
Let us get into the details of the test.The duration of the test is 2 hours and has 3 sections.
Quantitative- 20 questions
Verbal- 20 questions
Analytical- 20 questions
The maximum marks of the test is 600. All the questions will be multiple choice. The marking scheme is not the same for all the questions. It varies with the level of difficulty of the question. The question’s difficulty level is not a random one but it is arrived in comparison to peers who have attempted that particular question.
Negative marking
They follow a unique way in deduction of the negative marks. If you attempt more than 25% of the questions wrongly then half mark will  be deducted for the wrong answers anyway there will be no negative marks for the first 25% wrong answers.
For example
-If you attempt 16 questions and get 3 wrong then there is no negative mark since incorrect answers percentage is less than 25
-If you attempt 16 questions and get 5 wrong then there will be negative mark of ½ for 1 question. Again here there is no negative mark for the first 25% wrong answers.
Coming to the areas in which they test the candidates, we shall see the topics the cover in various sections.
Quantitative Aptitude:
–Number system
–Profit and Loss
–Time and work
–Time speed Distance
–Inequalities and Equations
–Permutation and Combination
–Data interpretation
–Crypt arithmetic
–Seating Arrangement(Linear and circular)
Verbal Ability:
–Reading Comprehension
–Last Line questions

Overall the difficulty level of the test in high when compared to AMCAT. So some serious preparation is needed topic wise before taking the test. Regarding the cut offs 60% percentage attempts in each section with 90% percent accuracy will fetch 90 percentile which means 12 attempts with 10-11 correct answers should do it. So overall attempt of 36 with 30-32 right answers will fetch a 90 percentile.