Techmahindra Interview experience (MITS) 2016 -1

Hi friends……..
This is sathya from MITS i was recently placed in TechM. The company follows just three rounds written, technical and HR the written exam consists of 130 questions 70 verbal and 60 aptitude these were segregated in to five modules with sectional cutoff. Generally they conduct 170 questions but for us it was suddenly reduced still many of us got eliminated because of sectional cutoff but, for my surprise i was passed. The written also consists of essay writing which is an eliminating round where they give the topics at the instant my topic was the proudest moment of my life that should be written in 10 minutes i did well and went to the next round the technical was so simple they asked all about my project and it was like an HR round i answered well even got compliments from them but to my surprise they kept me on hold i was very much tensed but, still didn’t lose my self confidence they tested my patience again they called me for technical round to another panel there they asked me about processors, controllers, diodes as i was from ece background they even asked me to write fibanoci series successfully completed and went to the HR round there it was so simple he just asked me about my self and why should i need this job i did well there it self he asked whether i can relocate any place i immediately said yes then he asked me to get ready to sign the bond.
Communication skills and confidence is more recquired to crack the interview.
concentrate on more verbal part sub verb agreement,prepositions,synonyms,antonyms,articles
non verbal blood relations,seating arrangement,basic aptitude is more than enough to get in.