TechMahindra Numerical ( Aptitude ) Previous Questions -10


181. The day of week on July 1,2000 was    a) Monday   b)  Friday   c)  Saturday    d)  Tuesday    e)  None of the above
182. If 6 years are subtracted from the present age of Gulzar and the remainder is divided by 18, then we get present age his grand son Anup. If Anup is two years younger to Mahesh Whose age is 5 years, than what is the present age of Gulzar?   a)     96 years     b)    59 years    c)   84 years   d)  60 years   e) None of the above
183. The average age of 24 boys in a class is 16. The teacher is included in the group and one boy is excluded from the group, the average increases by one. what is the age of teacher?   a)   41   b)   32   c)  45    d)  24    e)    None  ANs: 40

184. Radha remembers that her father’s birthday is after 16th but before 21st of March, While her brother Mangesh remembers that his father,s birthday is before 22nd but after 19th of March. On which date is the birthday of their father?   a)     19th              b)   20th   c)  21st   d)  Cannot be determined   e) None of these
185. If the third day of the month is Monday, Which of the following will be the fifth day from 21st of that month?
a)     Tuesday   b)   Monday   c)   Wednesday   d)    Thursday   e)      None of these
186. What is the birthdate of Nutan’s mother?
To answer this question, which of the following informations given in the statements A and B is/are sufficient?
(A) Nutan’s father remembers that his wife’s birthday is after 20th and before 23rd February.
(B) Nutan’s brother remembers that their mother’s birthday was after 21st but before 25th February.
a)  Only B is sufficient  b)  Only A is sufficient     c)   Both A and B together are not sufficient
d)  Both A and B together are needed    e)      Either A or B is sufficient
187. In the following number sequence how many such even numbers are there which are exactly divisible by its immediate preceding number but not exactly divisible by its immediate following number?
3 8 4 1 5 7 2 8 3 4 8 9 3 9 4 2 1 5 8 2
a)      Two    b)    Three   c)     Four   d)    More than four   e)   One
188. How many number are immediately preceded and immediately followed by different numbers?
7 7 7 5 7 5 7 5 7 7 7 7 5 7 5 7 5 7 7 7 7 7 5 7 5        a)     2          b)        3   c)    4    d)        5                 e)      1
189. Amit and Ravi invested capitals in the ratio 5:4. At the end of 8 months Amit withdrew and they got equal profits. Find for how long Ravi invested his money?   a) 11 months  b) 6 months  c)10 months   d) 12 months e) None 
190. Rajesh, Sunil and Tarun enter into a partnership. Rajesh invested Rs.25000 and after one year he adds Rs.10,000 more. Sunil initially invests Rs.35,000 and after 2 years he withdraws Rs.10,000 and Tarun invests Rs.19,000 in the beginning only. Then ratio of their profits after 3 years will be  a)05:30:00  b)05:30:00  c)05:30:00 d)05:30:00 e) None
191. If the difference between compound interest (interest compounded yearly) and simple interest on a certain sum at the rate 20% p.a. after 3 years is Rs.1280 then what is the principal?
a)   8,000              b)   10,000            c)  7900                 d)    8,300  e)   None of the above
192. What is the difference between compound interest on Rs.3000 for 2 years at 5% P.a. When interest is compounded yearly and compound interest on the same sum and same terms except that it is compounded half yearly?  a)   Rs.3.93    b)  Rs.30    c)    Rs.15.3    d)   Rs.41.28    e)  None of the above
193. An amount of Rs.1000 is divided between 5 persons. Each man gets Rs.250 while each woman gets Rs.125. Find the number of men and women. 
a)  2 men, 3 women    b)   4 men, 1 woman   c )  1 man, 4 women
d)  3 men, 2 women    e)  None of the above
194. A runs twice as fast as B and gives B a start of 50m.How long should the racecourse be so that A and B might reach in the same time?   a)       75 m.    b)   80 m.    c)    150 m.   d)    100 m.   e)   None of the above
195. A can run 4 times as fast as B and gives B a start of 60 m. How long should the race course be so that A and B might reach in the same time?   a)   70 m    b)   60 m    c)    80 m    d)    65 m    e)   None of the above
196. What was the day of week on March 31,1996?  a)    Sunday    b)    Monday    c)    Friday    d) Wednesday  e) None
197. Sum of ages of two friends is 32 while difference is 2 then their ages are
a)  15 years, 17 years    b)   17 years, 15 years    c)     16 years, 18 years   d)   18 years, 16 years    e)    None

198. The age of Ritu’s mother is 6 times that of Ritu’s age. After 6 years it will be 3 times that of Ritu’s age. what is Ritu’s present age?     a)      4 years    b)     6 years   c)      8 years    d)    10 years   e)    None of the above

199. A man is three (3) years older than his wife and four (4) times as old as his son. If the son attains an age of fifteen (15) years after three (3) years, what is the present age of the mother?
a)   60 years        b)    51 years   c)   48 years   d)    45 years   e)   65 years
200. Mamuni went to the movies nine days ago. She goes to the movies only on Thursday. What day of the week is today?   a)      Sunday   b)     Tuesday    c)      Thursday   d)      Saturday   e)   Friday