TechMahindra Numerical ( Aptitude ) Previous Questions -6


101. How many numbers amongst the numbers 7 to 41 are there which are exactly divisible by 9 but not by 3?
 a)   Nil   b)  1      c)   2      d)   3     e) More than 3
102. A and B enter into a partnership and invest Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 16,000 respectively. After 8 months, C also joins the business with a capital of Rs. 15,000. The share of C in a profit of Rs. 45,600 after two years is
 a)  Rs. 12,000     b)   Rs. 14,400    c)   Rs. 19,200    d)   Rs. 21,200                                                    Ans:
103. If a profit of Rs.1200 is to be divided among three partners A,B and C in the ratio 5:3:4 then share of B is   
a)   Rs.2000          b)   Rs.4000         c)   Rs.3000         d)   Rs.5000                        Ans:
104. If shares of two persons in profits are Rs.400 and Rs.600 then ratio of their capitals is
  a)   3:4                 b)   2:3                  c)   4:3                   d)   1:3                                                                  Ans:
105. A and B invested Rs.15000 and Rs.20,000 respectively in a business. How should a loss of Rs.2800 be divided between them at the end of year? (in rupees)
 a) 1500,1300   b)  1200,1600    c)   1300,1500   d)   1600,1200                                                            Ans:
106. An amount of Rs.1000 is divided between 5 persons. Each man gets Rs.250 while each woman gets Rs.125. Find the number of men and women.
  a)  2 men, 3 women  b)   4 men, 1 woman  c)  1 man, 4 women  d)  3 men, 2 women       Ans:
107. A can run 2 km in 4 min 20 seconds, while B can run this distance in 4 min 34 sec. By how much distance can A beat B?    a)  100 m              b)  150 m       c)   120 m    d)   180 m                                                                            Ans: 102.189

108. What was the day of week on 7th January 1980?   a)   Sunday      b)  Monday  c)  Tuesday    d)  Wednesday  [  ]    

109. The average age of twenty four boys in a class and the teacher is 15. If the teacher age is excluded, the average reduces to 14. What is the techer’s age?     a)  41                b)   36   c)  32     d) 39                                                     [    ]
110. Mamuni went to the movies nine days ago. She goes to the movies only on Thursday. What day of the week is today?                   a)          Sunday                      b)       Tuesday       c)  Thursday     d)      Saturday    e)  Friday                     

 111. Two brothers were expected to return here on the same day. Rajat returned 3 days earlier but Rohit returned 4 days later. If Rajat returned on Thursday, what was the expected day when both the brothers were to return home and when did Rohit Return?     

a) Wednesday, Sunday  b) Thursday, Monday     c) Sunday, Thursday    d)  Monday, Friday            e)   None of these

 112. What is the birthdate of Nutan’s mother? To answer this question, which of the following informations given in the statements A and B is/are sufficient?
(A) Nutan’s father remembers that his wife’s birthday is after 20th and before 23rd February.
(B) Nutan’s brother remembers that their mother’s birthday was after 21st but before 25th February.
 a)Only B is sufficient      b)  Only A is sufficient   c) Both A and B together are not sufficient
d)  Both A and B together are needed    e)  Either A or B is sufficient                                        Ans:
113. At what time between 4 and 5 o’clock the hands are in opposite direction?
 a)  12 2/11 minutes past 2    b) 3 1/11 minutes past 2    c)  15 minutes past 2    d)  54 6/11 minutes past 4  
114. If Rahul finds that he is 12th from the right in a line of boys and 4th from the left, how many boys should be added to the line such that there are 28 boys in the line?   a)  12    b)           14           c)  20     d)   13   e)  None of these
115. Madhav ranks seventeenth in a class of thirtyone. What is his rank from the last?
a)13       b)14       c)15        d)16       e)17                                                                                                      
116. How many even number are there in the following series of numbers, each of which is immediately preceded by an odd number, but not immediately followed by an even number?    5 3 4 8 9 7 1 6 5 3 2 9 8 4 3
 a) Nil     b)1         c)2          d)3         e)None of these                                                                                              Ans:
117. How many 7s are there in the following series which are not immediately following by 3 but immediately preceded by 8?      8 9 8 7 6 2 2 6 3 2 6 9 7 3 2 8 7 2 7 7 8 7 3 7 7 9 4
 a)  Nil    b)   One               c)   Two                d)  Three             e)   More than three                      Ans:
118. The sum of two consecutive number is 87. Which is the larger number?     a)42   b)43    c)44 d)45      e)46
119. A student got twice as many sums wrong as he got right. If he attempted 48 sums in all, how many did he solve correctly?    a)  9                b) 12      c)18       d)   24   e) 16                                     Ans:
120. Three partners A,B & C invested total Rs.1,15,000. After one year one of them gets a profit of Rs.6000, second gets Rs.10,000 and third gets Rs.14000 then how much amount did B invested?
  a)Rs.10,000       b)Rs.40,000    c)  Rs.20,000   d) Rs.50,000                                                 Ans:38333