TechMahindra Numerical ( Aptitude ) Previous Questions -9




161. If the difference between compound interest (interest compounded yearly) and simple interest on a certain sum at the rate 20% p.a. after 3 years is Rs.1280 then what is the principal?
a) 8,000                b) 10,000              c)  7900                 d)  8,300               e) None of the above
162. A sum of Rs.150 Has two types of coins Rs.1 and Rs.2. If total number of coins is 100 then number of Rs.2 coins is   a)   50                 b)     45 c) 65       d)  40     e) None of the above
163. An oil of Rs.42 per kg is mixed with 10 kg oil of Rs.69 per kg. If price of mixture oil is Rs.60 per kg then what is the quantity of first type of oil in the mixture?    a)  6 kg         b)  5 kg c)  8 kg d)  4 kg                  e) None of the above
164. In what proportion should two quantities of gold one of 16 carats and another of 20 carats be mixed so that mixture in the form of jewellery may be 17 carats pure?   a)     3:1  b)  1:3   c) 2:3       d) 3:2     e)    None of the above
165. In a race of 4Kms A beats B by 100m or 25 seconds, then time taken by A is
a)     15 min 8 sec               b)       16 min 15 sec.   c)  8 min 15 sec.    d)     10 min 17 sec.             e)      None of the above
166. A can run 2 km in 4 min 20 seconds, while B can run this distance in 4 min 34 sec. By how much distance can A beat B?   a)       100 m         b)       150 m         c)         120 m   d)      180 m   e)       None of the above
167. A father told his son “I was as old as you are at present, at the time of your birth”. If the father is 38 years old now, then what was the son’s age five years ago in years?   a)   14        b)   19    c)   38  d) 33         e)  None  
168. The ratio of ages of A and B at present is 2:3. After five years the ratio of their ages will be 3:4 What is the present age of A in years?   a)        10                 b)        15    c) 25 d)   30     e)None of the above
169. Mamuni went to the movies nine days ago. She goes to the movies only on Thursday. What day of the week is today?   a)      Sunday       b)       Tuesday   c)   Thursday   d)  Saturday   e)  Friday
170. How many such 3’s are there in the following number sequence which are immediately Preceded by an odd number and immediately followed by an even number?    5 3 8 9 4 3 7 2 3 8 1 3 8 4 2 3 5 7 3 4 2 3 6
a)       One            b)         Two   c)        Three  d)        Four   e)        More than four
171. How many number from 11 to 50 are there which are exactly divisible by 7 but not by 3?
a)        2    b)        4    c)       5   d)         6   e)     7
172. A father tells his son, “I was of your present age when you were born.” If the father is 36 now, how old was the boy 5 years back?   a)  15 years   b)  13 years    c) 17 years   d) 20 years   e) None of the above
173. Anil and Ravi invest Rs.60,000 and Rs.40,000 and they got loss of Rs.5,000 at the end of year. Then what was the loss for Ravi in Percentage?   a)      2%   b)   3%   c)   5%    d)   8%  e) None of the above
174. A and B invest money in the ratio 3:4 and they has loss of Rs.7000 at the end of year. what is the share of loss of B?  a) Rs.4000                 b)  Rs.3000   c)  Rs.7000    d) Rs.2000   e)  None of the above
175. Ashok opened a shop investing Rs.60,000 and Madhuri joined him after 2 months investing Rs.90,000. They get a profit of Rs. 1,08,000 after one year. The share of Madhuri is
a)  Rs.35,000       b)  Rs.30,000   c)   Rs.60,000   d) Rs.45,000               e) None of the above
176. A and b invested Rs.6000 and Rs.x respectively. They get a profit of Rs.5000 at the end of year in which share of b is 2000. what is the value of x?   a)    Rs.4000             b)  Rs.3000    c)  Rs.2000   d)   Rs.2500   e)  None of the above
177. A and B invested some money such that capital of A is 20% more than that of B. If after one year they get profit of Rs.22000 then profit share of B is   a)      Rs.7500   b)   Rs.8000  c)  Rs.9000   d)  Rs.10,000  e) None of the above
178. If ratio of profit of A and B is 4:5 and they together invested Rs.90,000 then money invested by B is  
a)  Rs.48,000       b)  Rs.45,000       c)  Rs.30,000   d)  Rs.50,000   e) None of the above
179. If the compound interest on a sum of Rs.7000 for 2 years is Rs.1470 then the rate of interest is (interest compounded yearly)   a) 10 % p.a.   b)  12 % p.a.  c)   11 % p.a. d)    9 % p.a.        e)  None 
180. 20 litres of mixture of acid and water contain 10% water. How much water should be added so that percentage of water becomes 20% in this mixture?   a)      2 L   b)  3 L    c)  2.5 L   d)   4 L   e)  None of the above