TechMahindra Numerical ( Aptitude ) Previous Questions -11


201. At what time between 7 and 8 o’clock the hands of clock will be together?
a)  23 minutes past 7    b)   21 1/11 minutes past 7    c)     38 2/11 minutes past 7
d)  11 1/11 minutes past 7     e)  None of the above

202. Mohan ranks twenty-first in a class of sixty-five students. What will be his (Mohan’s)rank if the lowest candidate is assigned rank 1?   a)      44th    b)      45th    c)    46th    d)   Data inadequate   e)    None of these
203. A number is four less than two times the other number. If their difference is 21, what is the greater number?
a)  50    b)  46   c)  31   d)   21   e)  15
204. How many members are there between 1 to 100 which are divisible by 9 and the sum of two digits is 9?
a)     13    b)   11    c)   7    d)    9    e)  10
205. Ram and Hari invest Rs. 18000 and 24000 respectively. If annual profit is Rs.1400 then Ram will get
a)  400    b)   800    c)   600   d)  500    e)  None of the above
206. A,B and C invest money in business in the ratio 4:5:6 respectively. If the share of C is Rs.33,000 then what is total profit?   a)   Rs.49,000    b)  Rs.69,000    c)  Rs.60,000    d)   Rs.99,000   e)  None of the above  

Ans : 82,500                          

207. Anil started a business with Rs.5000 and Rajesh joined afterwards with Rs.10,000. If profit at the end of the year is divided equally, then when did Rajesh join him?                                                                                                               [ a ]
a)  6 months afterwards   b)   8 months afterwards   c)   9 months afterwards   d)  5 months afterwards    e) None  
208. Anil invested a capital of Rs.5000 and Sunil invested Rs.10000. Anil invested for a time period which is double than the time period for which Sushil invested. How will a profit of Rs.4000 be divided between them?
a)  10,003,000    b)  30,001,000    c)  25,001,500    d)  20,00  2,000  e)  None of the above                                      [ d ]
209. If the difference between compound interest(interest compounded yearly) and simple interest on a sum for 3 years at 20% p.a. is Rs.132, then the sum is a)     Rs.3500    b)   Rs.1500    c)   Rs.2500   d)    Rs.3000  e)      None (1031.25)
210. A seller mixed 4 dozen bananas costing Rs.12 per dozen with 6 dozen bananas at Rs.8 per dozen then what is the cost price of mixed bananas per dozen?  a) Rs.6.40    b)   Rs.10    c)     Rs.9.6   d)     Rs.10.2   e)   None of the above
211. A man has to cover total distance of 24 kms in 3 hours. He has to use two modes of transportation Bus & Bullock-cart. The Bus & Bullock-cart can cover 20 kms & 2 kms respectively in 1 hour. In what proportion man should use these transportation modes so as to reach on time? (Assume that Bus in costlier than bullock-cart so man wants to use minimum Bus journey).  a)      05:30    b)      05:30    c)    05:30   d)      05:30   e)    05:30
212. 20 litres of mixture of acid and water contain 10% water. How much water should be added so that percentage of water becomes 20% in this mixture?   a)      2 L    b)        3 L   c)      2.5 L   d)     4 L       e)  None of the above
213. If 10 litres of an oil of Rs.50 per litres be mixed with 5 litres of another oil of Rs.66 per litre then what is the rate of mixed oil per litre?  a)    Rs.49.17                b)      Rs.51.03   c)      Rs.54.17   d)      Rs.55.33    e)     None of the above
214. At what time between 3 and 4 o’clock the hands of clock will be together?
a)  16 minutes past 3   b) 2 minutes past 3    c)  4 minutes past 3 d)   16 4/11minutes past 3    
215. The time between 5 and 6 o’clock when two hands of a clock are in same line making angle of 180 degree.
 a)  3 minutes past 5 o’clock    b)  6 o’clock   c)   3 2/11 minutes past 5 o’clock  d)  4 2/11 minutes past 5 o’clock  
216. Aparna cuts a cake into two halves and cuts one-half into smaller pieces of equal size. Each of the small pieces is twenty grams in weight. If she has seven pieces of the cake in all with her, how heavy was the original cake?
a) 140 grams   b) 280 grams   c)  240 grams   d)   120 grams   e)  None of these
217. Count each 7 which is not immediately preceded by 5 but is immediately followed by either 2 or 3. How many such 7’s are there?  5 7 2 6 5 7 3 8 7 3 2 5 7 2 7 3 4 8 2 6 7 8
 a)  2    b)   3    c)  4      d)  5    e)   Nil
218. The sum of odd number between 20 and 30 is a)  105    b)  120    c) 125  d)   140   e)   145                         [ c ]
219. A and B together invested Rs. 15,000 in a business. At the end of the year, out of total profit is Rs. 2,000 B’s share was Rs. 600. A’s investment was    a)  Rs. 4,500              b)  Rs. 8,250    c)  Rs. 10,500    d)  Rs. 11,250  
220. If a profit of Rs.1200 is to be divided among three partners A,B and C in the ratio 5:3:4 then share of B is            a)   Rs.2000    b)  Rs.4000    c) Rs.3000  d)  Rs.5000