TechMahindra Numerical ( Aptitude ) Previous Questions -16

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301. The difference between simple and compound interests on a certain sum for 2 years at 4% per annum is Rs.50. The sum is   a) Rs.20,400    b) Rs.25,000   c) Rs.31,250     d) Rs.38,000
302. A Sum at compound interest amounts to Rs.7500 in 2 years and to Rs.9000 in 3 years then rate per annum is
a) 11%   b) 12%  c) 15%   d) 20%  
303.  A sum of Rs.5000 was divided into 30 persons such that each man gets Rs.200 and each woman gets Rs.150. Find the number of women.    a) 20    b)15   c) 18   d) 24
304. Anil purchases two books for Rs.100. He sells first at loss of 5% and second at 20 % profit. If he gets Overall profit of 5% then what is cost of first book?  a) Rs.45   b)Rs.60     c) Rs.55   d) Rs.58
305. In a race of 2.4 Kms. A beats B by 400 m or 20 sec. What is A’s time over the course?
 a) 1 min 30 sec    b) 1 min   c) 1 min 10 sec   d) 1min 40 sec
306. The average age of twenty four boys in a class and the teacher is 15. If the teacher age is excluded, the average reduces to 14. What is the techer’s age?                               a) 41   b)36   c) 32   d) 39
307. If the ratio of ages of Mohan and Rakesh 4:3 and sum of their ages is 28 years then ratio of their ages after 4 years will be           a)5:4      b) 3:4   c)6:5   d) 7:4
308. A couple married in 1980 had two children, one in 1982 and the other in 1984. Their combined ages will equal the years of the marriage in?  a) 1986   b) 1985   c) 1987   d) 1988   e) 1989
309. Keshav runs a factory in three shifts of eight hours each with 210 employees. In each shift minimum of 80 employees are required to run the factory effectively. No employees can be allowed to work for more than 16 hours a day. At least how many employees will be required to work for 16 hours every day?
a) 30    b) 60   c) Data inadequate   d) 20   e) None of these
310. How many 7s are there in the following series which are not immediately following by 3 but immediately preceded by 8?           8 9 8 7 6 2 2 6 3 2 6 9 7 3 2 8 7 2 7 7 8 7 3 7 7 9 4
a)  Nil    b) One   c) Two    d) Three   e) More than three
311. Number of prime numbers between 30 and 50 is:    a) 4   b)  5  c) 6   d) 7   e) 9 
312. If shares of two persons in profits are Rs.400 and Rs.600 then ratio of their capitals is
a) 3:4   b) 2:3   c) 4:3   d) 1:3 
313. Lokesh started a business with Rs.30,000 and Ramesh joined him afterwards with Rs.30,000. If profits of both are same after one year then for how many months did Ramesh invest his money?
 a) 9 months   b) 8 months   c) 6 months   d) 5 months
314. A sum amounts to Rs.4410 in 2 years at the rate of 5% p.a. If interest was compounded yearly then what was the principal?   a) Rs.4000    b)  Rs.5000   c) Rs.4500   d) Rs.4800  
315. A sum of Rs.1460 is divided into 13 students so that each boy gets Rs.120 while each girl gets Rs.100. Find the number of boys and number of girls    a) 8B, 5G   b)  5B, 8G   c) 4B, 9G   d) 9B, 4G
316. In what proportion should two quantities of gold one of 16 carats and another of 20 carats be mixed so that mixture in the form of jewellery may be 17 carats pure?
a) 3:1   b) 1:3  c) 2:3 d) 3:2
317. A can run 4 times as fast as B and gives B a start of 60 m. How long should the race course be so that A and B might reach in the same time?    a)70 m    b) 60 m   c)80 m   d)65 m
318. The average age of Indira and Meena is 28 years. If Kala’s age is added to it, then the average of the ages of the three becomes 27 years, what is kala’s age?    a) 26 years  b)22 years  c) 28 years  d) 20 years
319. 5 years ago Ashu’s mother was three times as old as Ashu. After 5 years, she will be twice as old as Ashu. How old is ashu today?   a) 35 years    b) 10 years  c) 20 years  d) 15 years
320. A clock shows 5.20. After how much time both hands will coincide together?
a)6 2/11 minutes    b) 5 5/11 minutes c) 3 2/11 minutes  d)4 2/11 minutes
321. How many times minute hand covers full circle in a day?   a) 22 times             b)24 times   c)11 times   d) 21 times
322. Jaya ranks 5th in a class of 53. What is her rank from the bottom in the class?
 a) 49th   b) 48th  c) 47th    d) 50th   e) None of these
323. Veena ranks 73rd from the top in a class of 182. What is her rank from the bottom if 22 students have failed the examination?    a) 88    b) 108   c) 110   d) 90   e) 93
324. A sum of Rs. 21,840 is to be distributed among 3 friends (Bharati, Sanjay and Govinda) in such a way that Bharati gets twice as much as Sanjay and Govinda gets two and a half times as much as Bharati. What is the share of Govinda?                a)Rs. 18,200                        b)Rs. 14,560     c) Rs. 13,650   d) Rs. 7,280
325. The compound interest (compounded yearly) on Rs. 2000 at 7% per annum for 2 years is
a)Rs. 289.80        b) Rs.295.20   c) Rs.503.00  d) Rs.270.75
326. The compound interest (compounded yearly) on Rs.1500 in 2 years at the rate of 6 1/4 % per annum is
a) Rs.195.00   b) Rs.193.35   c) Rs.198.20   d) Rs.208.20
327. In a race of 2kms A beats B by 60 meters or 15 seconds, then time taken by A is
 a)8 min 5 sec.    b) 8 min 17 sec.   c) 7 min 3 sec.   d) 3 min 8 sec.


328. A gives a start of 40 metres to B and a start of 60 meters to C in a 200 m. race. B gives a start of 2 seconds to C. How long does C take to run 200 m?   a) 6 sec.   b) 8 sec.   c) 9 sec.   d)7 sec.