Cocubes Preassess computer fundamentals questions-1

                                COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS
1. Consider following given code and predict its output.
                    int num[ ] = {1,4,8,12,16};
                          int *a,*b;
                          int i;
ops:  A. 2,1,8   B.  4,1,8      C.  4,4,8    D.   2,4,8
Ans: 2,1,8
2. Suppose f(A,B)=A’+B. Simplified expression for function f(f(x+y,y),z) is :
ops :    A. x’+z   B. xyz   C. xy’+z   D.  None of the mention options
Answer:  xy’+z  
4. Stack is useful for implementing:
A. recursion   B.  depth first search   C. both (A) & (B)    D. breadth first search
Ans: Both(A) & (B)
5. HUB is a _______ device and switch is a ________ device.
ops : A. multicast,unicast   B. multicast,broadcast        C. broadcast,unicast  D. broadcast,multicast
Ans: C. broadcast,unicast

6.what is the binary equivalent of the number 368?    a.111100000            b.111010000 c.101110000 d.110110000
Ans: c.101110000

7.what will be the output of the following loop?
While(Printf(“%d”,    printf(“az”)))
a.none of these gives syntax error will print azbyazbyazbyazby… will print azbybyby… 
Ans: will print azbyazbyazbyazby…     
8.which of the following combinations of the variables x,y,z makes the variable ‘a’ get the value 4
In the following expression?
A=(x>y)?((x>z)?x:z):( (y>z)?y:z)
a.x=3;y=4;z=2       b.x=6;y=5;z=3        c.x=5;y=4;y=5      d.x=6;y=3;z=5
Ans:  a.x=3;y=4;z=2 the enter key in all of the circumstances except………… insert a blank line into a document begin a new paragraph
c.when the insertion point reaches the right margin response to certain word commands
Ans: c.when the insertion point reaches the right margin  
11.The following fragment of c program will print?
char c[  ] = “DATA1234”
char * P = C;
printf (“%S” P+P[3]-P[1]);
a.DATA1234    b.234    c.1234    d.A1234
Ans: DATA1234
12. What is Extended ASCII table
Ans: The Extended ASCII Character Set also consists of 128 decimal numbers and ranges from 128 through 255 (using the full 8-bits of the byte) 
13. Mozilla Firefox is a/an
Ans: web browser.
14.  ———— helps in capturing the data and entering into computer system.
Ans: Input devices
15. Secret key encryption is also know as ———-
Ans: Private Key Encryption or Symmetric Key Encryption.
16. A class defined with in another class is named as
a)inheritance     b)nested    c)container class    d)encapsulation
Ans: b)nested
18. what  is simplest way of implementing a graph in c or c++
a)associative lists
b)both adjacency matrix and associative list
c)none of these
d)adjacency matrix 

Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.

19. Which of the OSI model is responsible for compression and decompression
a)presentation layer     b)transport layer    c)application layer              d)session layer
Ans: presentation layer

20. Upon mixing two independent one-many relationships__________dependency arises.
a)transitive            b)multivalued             c)functional              d)partial
Ans: Multivalued

21. If L is left node, M is middle node, R is right node then an L-M-R traversal can be termed as_____
A) post order      b) in order                 c) preorder               d) this is invalid order
Ans: In order
If M-L-R then Preorder
If L-R-M then post order

22. which of the OSI model layer is also known as end-to-end layer
a) session layer              b) presentation layer   c) Transport layer               d) Network layer
Ans: Transport Layer
23.  Which of  the OSI model layer is responsible for both encryption and decryption
a) Presentation layer               b)Network layer               c) session layer              d) transport layer
Ans: Presentation Layer

24.  Identify the point that is not true with respect to stack
a) not possible to insert or remove elements anywhere except the top of stack
b) Stack supports LIFO(last in first out) for deleting elements
c) None of these
d) stack is dynamic set where elements are removed in reverse order of insertion
Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.
25. When word flag a possible spelling or grammar error, it also changes mark on the spelling and grammar status icon to _____________
a) red x                 b) red check mark                c) green check mark                d) green x
Ans: Red X
26. Identify the point that is NOT true with respect to a qeue?
a.deletion from the queue happens only at the tail of the queue.
b.Queue supports FIFO(First In First Out)order of removal of elements.
c.none of these
d.Insertion in queue happens only at the head of the queue.

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28. Periodic collection of all the free memory space sto form contiguous block of free space by an operating system is called:
a.garbage collection                 b.Dynamic memory allocation    c.collison               d.concatenation

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29. In C psroramming array index stars from:    
a.0 or 1        b.0          c.1           d.none of these
Ans: 0
30. java source code is compiled into_________.
a.byte code       b.word code      c.bit code     d.objective code
Ans: Byte Code
31. the output quality of a printer is measured by:
a.Dots printed per unit time     b.Dot per centimetre    c.Dot per sq.inch    d.Dot per inch
Ans: Dot per sq.inch
32.The number of full and half adders required to add 16-bit numbers is:
a.16 half-adders,0 full-adders
b.8 half –adders,8 full-adders
c.4 half-adders,12 full-adders
d.1 half-adder,15 full-adders
Ans: d.1 half-adder,15 full-adders
33. To select a group of words,________.
a.right-click the first and last characters of the group to be selected
b.double-click anywhere within the group to be selected the group button on the formatting toolbar
d.drag the mouse pointer through the characters to be selected
Ans: d.drag the mouse pointer through the characters to be selected
34.what will be the output of following C code?
                1.  struct abc
                2.  {
                3.            int b=6;
                4.            char c;
                5.  }
                6.  structure;
                7.  int main()
                8.  {
                9.            int i=sizeof(structure);
                10.          printf(“%d”,i);
                11. }
a.4          b.1          c.2          d.6
Ans: 6


35. There is a question, I did not remember but answer is 3NF
Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.