Cocubes preassess english questions-1

Knowledge has turned out to be mans greatest asset in mastering and conquering nature. The word science means literally knowledge. It is this quest and thrust for knowledge and the curiosity of man to know things beyond his reach that resulted in his becoming the lord of this plant. His never ending pursuit to unearth the reason behind phenomenon has resulted in endless discoveries and inventions, which have proved to be the grate stepping stones in the progress of mankind.
Inventions like the telephone, radio, t.v, telegraph, transistors, airplanes, automobiles, steam engine, electricity, wireless, telescopes, microscope etc, have changed man’s life forever. There have been inventions and discoveries in all aspects of life. Science has worked grater miracles in the fields of health and medicine and has been the greatest weapon in man’s battle against diseases of various kinds. Vaccination is a miracle in the field of science. Penicillin, streptomycin, radium and x-rays have turned out be great blessings.
The discovery of the atom and its structure has been one of the most remarkable discoveries made by man. The quantum theory, the electricity along with the great findings of Einstein, Neils Bohr etc, have revolutionized the world of science forever. Computer and information technology are the latest revolutions in the field of science. With the coming of mobiles, internet, web conferencing etc, the world has shrunk into a cyber village where time and distance have no meaning are at least are no longer barriers.
Technology is on a rise every day. Each new day brings better technology with it. However, we should learn to us our knowledge constructively. Only constructive uses of science can guarantee the continuation of mankind on this earth. Moreover, it is man who is the great generator, creator and inventor of all this knowledge and technology. We should be warned of becoming slaves to our own creations and inventions. Only then, can science be a blessing and a miracle. Science, if used for the betterment of mankind and society can bring about changes in our lives by making better, more comfortable and worthwhile.
1. What was the first thing that the man learnt to do?
A. To conquer the nature.                  B. To battle with his fellow men.
C. To live leisurely in the nature.      D. To eat and sleep.
Ans A
2. How has the world shrunk for man technologically?
A. Continents on the earth are drifting closer to each other
B. Video conferencing, the internet has made this possible
C. Development of medicines
D. The planet is becoming smaller

Ans B

3. According to the given passage,  …………………………. is the miracle in the field of science
A. computers     B. vaccination     C. atoms and its structure     D. airplane
Ans C

4. Mark the option which is closest to the meaning of the word given below
A. renounce    B. assert    C. give up     D. continue

Ans A

6. For the given question, choose the alternative which best expresses the sentence in Active/Passive voice.
Mr. Tirupati reviewed the book.
The book has been reviewed by Mr. Tirupati.
The book had been reviewed by Mr. Tirupati.
The book  is reviewed by Mr. Tirupati.
The book was reviewed by Mr. Tirupati.

Ans: The book was reviewed by Mr. Tirupati.

7. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option.
____________ the police immediately.
To call                    Call                         Been calling        Called

Ans: Call

8. Choose the option which gives the closest meaning to the phrase given below.
Back Seat Driver              
Extra weight                       Instructor from backend.      People who criticize from the sideline     Second person

Ans People who criticise from the sideline

9.  Choose the option which gives the closest to the phrase given below.
To sink fast
To evaporate fast            Absorbing fast       To sink down       Becoming worse and worse

Ans Becoming worse and worse

10. Mark the option which is closest to the meaning of the word given below.
Appease              Alleviate              Mollify                  Aggravating

Ans Aggravating

11. Mark the option which is the closest to the opposite in meaning of the word given below.
Illusion                  Elusion                  Misconception                  Frankness

Ans Misconception

12. Find of which part of the sentence below has an error and mark the option accordingly
When asked       To catch               Rose     Teacher’s attention

Ans to catch

13. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option.
The history of Hindu religion  dates _________ ancient times.
From                     For                         None of the mentioned options                               Since
Ans None

15. Mark the option which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase.
Through he was born in squalid surroundings of slums, he rose to stratospheric  heights.
Clean                     Dirty                      Disorderly                           Mean

Ans Dirty

16. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option.
The court has yet to serve him _________ summons for the suit med against him.
On                          With                                      To           None of the mentioned options

Ans with

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:
The day the cat was killed, Maddy watched her mother wind that old clock with her same little smile, cracking the gold key into its funny hole, as grandma wandered around the dining table in her dressing gown while her nurse read a pulp fiction on the front step, while her Brothers scrapped their forks against the table and dripped the bits of potatoes and corn from their open, awful mouths, that  clock sat heavy on the white carpet, at the end of the hall, mom humming along to that terrible ticking. It made Maddy’s  teeth clench. Truly, there was no point to these silly, endless family dinners. Always being six o’clock sharp and never over until that clock was wound, thirteen years of her life wasted for this nonsense so far, burnt up in bedroom, when all the while she had some very important matters to attend to back in her bedroom.
The long case clock had been left by the previous owner, or maybe the one before that, no one was sure. Cloaked In pine wood and always counting, no birds printed around the clock face, no farm scenes or flowers, just back numbers and wiry hands and that was that. Then near the bottom, along silver pendulum  behind a square of Smokey glass. It was too heavy to tip, too tal to place anything on top, old and faded and always suspect. Her brothers  avoided it at night and the cat avoided it entirely ( or used to). The clock face glowing round and white, over the wooden suit, like a pale face ghost or a porcelain reaper, feetless and shadows for arms. And mom would sing along with the pendulum while the boy knocked over kitchen chairs wrestling and playing tag, and grandmother would nap by the television and the nurse would paints her nails. All the time, her nails, her mom would smile and hum.
17. The tone of the given passage is:
Biographical                        Narrative                             Reflective                            Autobiographical

Ans: Narrative

18. The clock was ‘always suspect’. The subject thought:
That it wasn’t working at all                         It broke down periodically
It had one hand missing                                It tended to move slowly

Ans It broke down periodically

19. The clock face was glowing round and white. This observation enhanced by the observation that it was like:
Gold                      Silver                     Radium                 Ceramic

Ans Ceramic

20. From the given alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Direct/Indirect speech
Aman said, “The girl was singing”.
Aman said that the girl has been singing                                Aman said that the girl had been singing
Aman said that the girl was singing                           None of the mentioned options
Ans: Aman said that the girl had been singing