Cocubes Quantitative Aptitude Questions-2

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (English) 7th Edition
21. 3 individuals john wright, Greg Chappell and Gary Kristen are in the race for the appointment of new coach of team India. The probabilities of their appointment are 0.5, 0.3 and 0.2 respectively. If john wright is appointed then probability of Ganguly appointed as a captain will be 0.7 and corresponding probability if Greg Chappell or gary kristen is appointed are 0.6 and 0.5 respectively. find the overall probability that Ganguly will appointed as a captain.
a. 0.63                   b. 0.35                   c. 0.18                   d. 0.89
Ans: 0.63

22. A man spends Rs 660 on tables and chairs. the price of each table is Rs. 150 and the price of each chair is Rs. 20. If he buys maximum number of tables, what is the ratio of chairs to tables purchased?
a. 2: 5                    b. 3:5                     c. 2:3                      d. 3:4    
4 tables + 3 chairs =660
Chairs to tables ratio is 3:4
23. two packets are available for sale.
pakcet a: peanuts 100 gms for Rs 48 only
packet b: peanuts 150 gms for Rs 72 only
which is a better buy?
a. both have the same value       b. packet b          c. data insufficient           d. packet a
Ans: a. both have the same value
Packet-a : 1 gm cost = 48/100
Packet-b : 1 gm cost = 72/150


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25. Sridevi is younger than Rajeev by 4 years. if their ages are in the ratio of 7:9. how old is Sridevi?
Ans: if Sridevi is x then Rajeev will be (x+4)
x/(x+4) = 7/9

26. A sum of Rs. 900 amounts to Rs. 950 in 3 years at simple interest. If the interest rate is increased by 4%, it would amount to how much?

Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.

27. two trains for Palwal leave Kanpur at 10a.m and 10:30 am and travel at the speeds of 60 kmph and 75 kmph respectively.  After how many kilometres from Kanpur will the two trains be together?
Ans: 150 km

28.  (x + 1/x) = 6 the value of ( x5  + 1/x5 ) = ?
Ans: 6726

29. In how many ways can 44 people be divided into 22 couples?
Ans:  Short cut how many ways n people be divided into n/2 couples
(n!)/{(2!)n/2 (n/2)!}  so ans is b. (44!)/{(2!)22 (22!)}  
30. Find the remainder when  ( x3 + 4 x2 + 6 x – 2 ) is divided  (x+5)
Ans: -57

31. a solid cylinder has total surface area of 462 cm2 . If total surface area of the cylinder is thrice of its curved surface area. then the volume of the cylinder is:
a. 539 cm3            b. 545 cm3           c. 531 cm3            d. 562 cm3




In which year was there lowest wheat import?
a. 1973                  b. 1974                  c. 1975                  d. 1982
Ans: a

33. What is the ratio of number of years which have imports above the average imports to those which have imports below the average imports?
a. 5:3                     b. 2: 6                    c. 3: 8                     d. none
Ans: d

34. The increase in imports in 1982 was what percent of the imports in 1981?
a. 25%                   b. 5%                     c. 125%                 d. 80%
Ans: a

35. The section of a solid right circular cone by a plane containing vertex and perpendicular to base is an equilateral triangle of side 10 cm. find the volume of the cone?   
a. 221.73 cmb.223.73 cm3    c.228.73 cm3    d.226.61 cm3

Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.

36. A sum of Rs 468.75 was lent out at simple interest and at the end of 1 year and 8 months, the total amount of Rs 500 is received. find the rate of interest.                           
a. 2%     b. 4%     c. 1%      d. 3%
Ans: 4%

37.Consider the following two curves in the X-Y plane
Which of the following statements is true for -2<= x <=2?
a. The two curves do not intersect.      b. The two curves intersect thrice.
c. The two curves intersect twice.        d. The two curves intersect once.
Ans: b

38.Give a model for maximising the profit in a company or minimizing the loss in a conflict with optimization techniques.where quantity f(x) is referred to as the object function while the vector ‘x’consists of decision variables.

A. None of the mentioned options.      B.  x* =arg min f(x)     C. x* =arg max f(x)      D.  x* =an-1+an arg min f(x)n

Ans: Not Available please comment below the answer for others help, will be updated then.

39. A positive integer is selected at random and is divided by 7,what is the probability that the remainder is 1?
A. 3/7    B. 4/7   C. 1/7    D. 2/7
Ans: 1/7

40. A mixture of 40 litres of salt and water contains 70%of much water must be added to decrease the salt percentage to 40%?     A. 40 litres  B. 30 litres  C. 20 litres  D.2 litres

Ans: x=30