Cocubes Quantitative Aptitude Questions-3

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (English) 7th Edition
41. Anirudh,Harish and Sahil invested a total of Rs.1,35,000 in the ratio 5:6:4 Anirudh invested has capital for 8 months. Harish invested for 6 months and Sahil invested for 4 months. If they earn a profit of Rs.75,900,then what is the share of Sahil in the profit?                        
A. Rs.12,400   B. Rs.14,700   C. Rs.15,800  D. Rs.13,200
Ans: 13,200

42. A man sets out to cycle from Delhi to Rohtak and at the same time another man starts from Rohtak to cycle to cycle to Delhi. After passing each other they completed their journey in (10/3) hours and (16/3) hours respectively.At what rate does the second man cycle if the first cycle at 8 kmph?
A.6.12 kmph    B.6.42 kmph  C. 6.22 kmph  D. 6.32 kmph
Ans: 6.32

43.Two trains are travelling in opposite directions at uniforms speeds of 60 kmph and 50 kmph.They take 5 seconds to cross each other.If the two trains travelled in the same directions.then a passenger sitting in the faster moving train would have overtaken the other than in 18 seconds.what are the lengths of the trains?
A. 87.78 m and 55 m     B.112 m and 78 m      C.102.78 m and 50 m     D.102.78 m and 55 m
Ans: C


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45.Two numbers are in the ratio xy,when 2 is added to both the numbers.the ratio becomes 1:2.when 3 is subtracted from both the numbers. The ratio becomes 1:3.Find the sum of x and y.        A. 27     B. 24     C. 28    D. 26
Ans:  26

46. To earn extra profit,a shopkeeper mixes 30 kg of dal purchased at Rs.36/kg and 26 kg of dal purchased at Rs.20/kg.What will be the profit that he will make if he sells the mixture at Rs.30/kg?
A. Rs.60   B. Rs.80   C. Rs.50   D. Rs.100
Ans: 80

47. There are 4 boys and 3 girls.they sit in arrow randomly.what is the probability that all girls are together?
A. 1/14    B. 2/14    C. 5/14    D. 3/14
Ans: 2/14

48. An oblong piece of ground measures 19m 2.5 dm by 12m5dm.Fom centre of each side of the ground,a path 2 m wide goes across to the center of the opposite side.What is the area of the path?
A. 59.5  m2    B. 54 m2     C. 43 m2   D. 34 m2
Ans: 78.54

49. The circumference of the wheel of a truck is 1 meter.To cover a distance of 1.5 km.the number of revolutions made by the wheel are:                        A. 3000    B. 37    C.  1500     D. 750
Ans: 1500 revolutions

50. If (x+(1/x))=4,the value of (x5+(1/x5)) is:               A. 724      B. 500     C. 752    D. 525
Ans: 724

 Read the information given below in the tabke and answer the question that follow.
Gross turnover in lakh
Profit before int. and depr.
Interest in lakh
Depreciation in lakh
Net profit
51.During which year did the net profit exceed Rs.1 crore for the first time?
A.1985-86     B. 1983-84      C. 1984-85     D.  None of the mentioned options
Ans: C

52.During which year was the “gross tutnover” closest to thrice the profit before interest and depression?
A. 1985-86        B.  1983-84     C.   1984-85      D.    None of the mentioned options.
Ans: A

53. During which of the given years did the net profit from the highest proportion of the profit before interest and depression?      A.   1985-86        B.  1983-84     C.   1984-85      D.    None of the mentioned options.
Ans: C

54. A sum was put at simple interest at certain rate for 3 years. Had it been put at 1% higher rate it would have fetched Rs. 63 more. The sum is:         A. Rs. 2,400       B. Rs. 2,100        C. Rs.  2,200       D.Rs. 2,480
Ans: 2,100

55.For what value of “k” will the equation (2kx2 + 5kx +2)=0 have equal roots?
A.  2/7      B.  9/4    C. 16/25    D.  7/18
Ans: C

56.In triangle PQR, PQ=6 cm,PR=8 cm and QR=12 cm. Calculate the area of the triangle PQR.
A. 23.33 cm2     B. 17.5 cm2       C. 21.33 cm2    D. 28.67 cm2 
Ans:  21.33

57. A company named “Dyona Automobiles”has received an order for 5,000 widgets for a total sale price of $5,000 and wants to determine the gross profit that will be generated by completing the order.
The other details for producing 100,000 widgets are given as follows:
1.Raw Materials Costs-$10,000
2.Direct Labor Costs-$50,000
A.   $5,000      B.  $4,000     C. $3,000     D. $2,000

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58.   If   m=(2-√3),then the value of (m6+m4+m2+1) /m3 is:
A.   64     B.   56     C.    69     D.     52

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59. 28 children can do a piece of work in 50 many children are needed to complete the work in 30 days?
A.  49    B.  40    C.  35    D.   45
Ans: 49

60. A certain sum of money becomes Rs.750 in 2 years and becomes Rs.873 in 3.5 years.Find the sum and rate of interest.                        A.   Rs.400, 13% p.a    B. Rs.500,11%p.a   C. Rs.630,12%p.a    D. Rs.600,13%p.a
Ans: 586, 14%