TCS Code Vita Season-5 Round-1 set-2 Program-1

Problem : Box in a Box
Idea is to take a number as input and print a pattern of boxes
If input is 2, two boxes are to be printed – one inside the other
Smallest box will be of size 3*3, the next bigger box will be 5*5, the next one will be 7*7, so on and so forth
For input 1, then draw a box of dimensions 3*3
For input 2, outer box will be 5*5, inner will be 3*3
For input 3, outer box will be 7*7, with 2 more inner boxes
So for n, outermost box will be n*2 +1 in size, with (n-1) inner boxes
All boxes will be top left aligned as shown in the figure 

Input Format:

First line of input contains a number N

Output Format:

Print N nested boxes

1.    0 < N < 25 

Sample Input and Output
Example Number
Sample Input
Sample Output