Free One week Quantitative Aptitude Training @ IGNITE Campus Recruitment Training Institute from 28th August to 3rd September. Interested students register immediately through SMS/WhatsApp(8297534842). Include below details in messages.
Phone number:
Email id:
Timings: 4pm to 8pm
Topics to be covered:
1.       Numbers
2.       HCF & LCM of Numbers
3.       Simplification
4.       Square Roots & Cube roots
5.       Average
6.       Problems on ages
7.       Percentage
8.       Profit & loss
9.       Ratio & Proportion
10.   Partnership
11.   Chain Rule
12.   Time & Work
13.   Pipes & Cisterns
14.   Time & Distance
15.   Problems on trains
16.   Boats & Streams
17.   Alligation or Mixture
1.       Initial deposit of 1000 Rupees (Refundable)
2.       1000 Rupees will be refunded for the students who maintain 100% attendance.
3.       If any student maintains less than 100% attendance then the amount will be refunded as per his/her attendance percentage. Let’s say if a student got 50% attendance then only 50% amount will be refunded(500 Rupees)
IGNITE Campus Recruitment Training Institute,
BSN Complex, Above LOT showroom,
Raju Road,

Ph: 8297534842