L&T Technology Services (L&T India) Freshers written exam pattern and previous questions

Exam conducted by mettl.
Module name
Number of questions
Cognitive ability
Cognitive Ability: ( 3 sub modules : 20 questions 20 mins for each section .. it is combined time for three sections)
1.     Quantitative Aptitude
2.     Reasoning
3.     English
Technical ( OS concepts, Cloud computing, .net , oops concepts, JMS messages )
1.     Rakesh enters a shop having an offer of discounts according to age) 1% per year. Eg: a man of 50 years receives discount of 50% ). He lies about his age and receives 30% discount instead of 24% discount. What will his age be after 3 years?
a.     21 b. 24  c. 27   d. 30
2.     The Square of an integer and the cube of the same integer add up to become (-100). What is the integer value?
a.     -5  b. -10 c. -7    d. -9
3.     Working together three pipes can fill a tank in 3 hours. Out of these, two pipes can individually fill the tank in 5 hours and 10 hours respectively. How much time does the remaining pipe take to fill the tank individually?
a.     15 hours             b. 30 hours  c. 20 hours   d. 25 hours
4.     $1300 was to be divided among a certain number of people. Had there been 3 more people each of them would receive $30 less. What was the original number of people?
a.     11 b. 12  c. 8     d. 10
5.     Find the enclosed area |X|=|X|-3
a.     36 units  b. 18 units    c. 24 units     d. 48 units
6.     Solve the inequality  3x-2>0
a.     X > 1         b. x > 3          c. x > 2/3       d. x > 1/3
7.     A, B, C enter into a partnership. A contributes one-third of the whole capital while B contribute as much as A and C together contribute. If the profit at the end of the year is $84,000, then the shares of profits of A, B & C are respectively?
$24,000, $20,000, $ 40,000                                    b. $28,000, $42,000, $14,000
$28,000, $42,000, $10,000                                     d. $28,000, $14,000, $42,000
8.     Find three consecutive non-zero integers such that three times the sum of all three equals the product of the larger two
a.     Only (7, 8 and 9)          b. Only (4, 5 and 6)           c. only (-1, 0 and 1)           d. both a and c
9.     Sum of n terms of the series (1)3+(1.5)3+(2)3……. ?
a.     (1/32) * (n+1)2             b. (1/32)*(n+1)2 (n+2)2 – (1/8) c. (1/32)*(n+1)2 (n+2)2 d. none
10.            X* is defined by x* = π/x.  What is the simplified form of ((-π)*)*?
a.     -1/π          b.-1/2            c.-π     d. π
11.            f(x)f(y)=f(xy) and f(3)=9. Find f(9)
a.     3    b. 9     c. 27   d. 81
12.            Tom invites Maggie for a party. Maggie knows that on her way to Tom’s house she will come across 4 lanes. There are five houses at the end of each lane. One of the five houses is Tom’s. What is the probability that the house that Maggie checks is not Tom’s?
a.1/20                       b.19/20                     c.37/20                     d.3/40
13.            In a party,60% people took vegetarian food. Among the vegetarian 70% are male. Among the non-vegetarian 40% are male. In total there are 1160 men.
Find the probability of female non-vegetarian.
a.0.16                        b.0.24                        c.0.28                        d.0.42
14.            Two cars started at the same time, from the same point, driving along the same road. The speed of the first car is 30 mph and the speed of the second car is 40 mph. How long will take for the distance between the two cars to be 30 miles?
a.4 hrs                       b.2 hrs                       c.3 hrs                       d.5 hrs
15.            An empty bucket was filled with A type of water. When the bucket was half-empty, it was filled with B type of water. Again when the bucket was half-empty. It was filled with A type of water. When the bucket was half-empty again, it was filled with B type of water. What is the percentage of B type water at present in the bucket?
a.42.5%                    b.47.5%                    c.50%                        d.35%                        e.37.5%
16.            Romeo wants to give a gift of Juliet worth $8,000. He borrowed 20% from his brother and 30% of the remaining from his mother. He $2,000 in his bank. How much more money does he need?
a.$2,670       b.$3,120       c.$2,290       d.$2,480
17.            A tree  increases by (1/8)th of its length every year. What will be its height after two years if the present height is 70cm?
a.80 cm                     b.88.6 cm     c.84.7 cm     d.90 cm
18.            The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum at 12% p.a. for two years is $90. What will be the amount at the end of 3 years if compounded annually?
a.$9,000       b.$6,250       c.$8,530.80 d.$8,780.80
19.            Two ports A and B are 300km apart, two ships leave for A and B such that the second leaves 8 hr after the first The ships arrive at B simultaneously. Find the time the slower ship spent on the trip if the speed of one of them is 10km/h higher than that of other.
a.15 hrs                     b.20 hrs        c.25 hrs                     d.none of these
20.            In a examination a student attempted 15 questions correctly and secured 40 marks. If there are two types of questions (2 marks and 4 marks). How many 2 marks questions did he attempt correctly?
a.5      b.10   c.15    d.20
21.            A dog runs 4 meters (m) towards north and turns right; runs 100 centimeters(cms) and again, turns to its right; runs another 5m. It then, turns left and runs 2m; turns to its left and runs 5m, and finally turns to its right. What is the smallest distance between the dog’s final point and the initial point, and in which direction is the dog facing?
a.5m, east    b.5m, north-east    c.116m, east            d.116m, north-east
22.            1,2,3,4,5, and 6 are members of a family. 2 is the son of 3, but 3 is not the mother of 2. 1 and 3 are a married couple. 5 is 3’s brother, 4 is 1’s daughter and 6 is 2’s brother.
Which of the following are females members of the family?
a.1 and 4      b.1 and 2      c.1 and 6       d.2 and 4
23.            If a/b =2/5, what is the value of (2a+3b)/(7a+5b)?
a.8      b.(19/35)      c.(19/31)      d.(19/39)
24.            A 5 cm 3 cube is painted on all sides. If it is sliced into 1 cm 3 cubes, how many such cubes will have exactly one of their sides painted?
a.9      b.61   c.98    d.54
25.            Choose the best answer
If apples are bought at the rate of 30 for a rupee. How many apples must be sold for a rupee so as to gain 20%?
a.28    b.25   c.20    d.22
26.            Which of the following is more expensive in terms of resource consumption?
a.User level threads
b.Kernel level threads
c.Both User level and Kernel level threads are
27.            The procedure of sending a process from the memory to the disk temporarily and bringing it back to the memory to continue the execution is known as_____.
a.Swapping  b.Backing store      
c.Thrashing d.Paging
28.            The memory is partitioned into several fixed size partitions. One partition may contain
a.multiple processes          b.exactly one process
c.at max two process        d.no process
29.             which of the following statements is wrong about new and malloc()?
a.new creates objects while malloc() does not create objects.
b.free() is associated with malloc() & delete is associated with new.
c.free() is associated with new.
d.Both new and malloc() throws exceptions if memory is unavailable.
30.            The design of classes in a way that hides the details of implementation from the user is known as:
a.     Encapsulation                b.Information Hiding
c.      Data abstraction           d.All of the options
31.            Which of the following statements is correct about inline functions?
a.They increase the speed of execution.
b.They overcome the drawbacks of macro.
c.They  must be defined before they are called.
d.Must be preceded by the word inline.
e.All of the above
32.            Attributes allow checking of functions. Two attributes are ‘identifiers’. One is known as the
______________________ class, and dictates the location of the object and its duration or lifetime.
a.group         b.storage      c.functional  d.top  e.working
33.            Regarding  the use  of the new characters n and endl manipulator with cout statement, which of the following true?
a.Both are exactly the same.
b.Both are similar, but endl additionally performs flushing of buffer.
c.n can’t be used with cout.
d.endl can’t be used with cout.
34.            Which of the following is not a limitation of binary search algorithm?
a.Must use a sorted array.
b.Requirement of sorted array is expensive when a lot of insertion and deletions are needed.
c.There must be a mechanism to access middle element directly.
d.Binary search algorithm is not efficient when the data elments are more than 1000 (or very large).
35.            What would be the level-order traversal of the BST formed by inserting the following keys. In sequence.  41  53  18  72  63  38  71  79  47  54
a.   41  18  53  38  47  72  63  79  54  71
b.  41  18  53  38  47  63  54  72  71  79
c.   18  38  41  47  53  54  63  71  72  79
d.  79  72  71  63  54  53  47  41  38  18