Preparing for TCS post 1

Its good that TCS is coming to your college for campus placements.

TCS has its own brand value as a IT services companies.

Moreover, it is a mass recruiting company, so chances of getting selected is more than any other company.

So now coming to the point, as a Computer Science Engineer chances of selection in the interviews is more than any other branch student.

Because its your branch platform related company.

But firstly you have to clear the written test.

If your CGPA or Percentage is more than 8.5 or 80 % respectively, than you have to just appear for the verbal section i.e, the email writing.

Condition:- This criteria of 8.5 pointer is not always applied, it total depends on the company.

Now first and the foremost thing:-

TCS doesn’t have any cutoff.

It totally depend on how much you score, not just number of questions you attempted.

So in TCS exam you have a verbal section, which contains an email writing. Generally everyone take it lightly, but it is a serious because it is of 10 marks.

If you score 10 out of 10 in that, then you have a great advantage.

Next the quantitative aptitude section, it comprises of 2 sections.

First section consist of 28 questions 1 marks each, but have negative marking too.

Next section consist of 2 questions of 2 marks each with no negative marks.

Generally students count the number of questions they attempted, but it is the marks which matters more.

For example, you attempted 17 questions of 1 marks each with all correct but left the last 2 questions which are of 2 marks.

Another who attempted 17 questions too, but 15 of 1 marks and 2 questions of 2 marks.

So chances of other guy getting selected is more than you.

That doesn’t mean that you will not get selected, but its a probability.

TCS doesn’t has cut off marks, they select the top number of students till they required rest get rejected.

This cutoff marks rumors were spread by those who got rejection, so that they can make excuse of their failure.

So the important point is that if you attempted all the 17 questions with 100% accuracy plus email writing good, then you will definitely clear the exam.

Now coming to the syllabus.

You can follow two books for quantitative aptitude i.e.,

  1. Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma
  2. Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Agarwal